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Antibacterial Fabric - WXC1193

Advantages of Antibacterial Fabric

The Wing Yue antibacterial fabric can safeguard users’ safety, as it can effectively remove bacteria, fungi and mold on the fabric, keep the fabric clean and prevent bacterial regeneration and reproduction.

Functioned By Material: XT2 silver ion antibacterial yarn

  • Can achieve a consistent 99% antibacterial performance.
  • Can dye any colors as you like
  • Can work with other functions with great compatibility.
  • Can meet with global standards like ATTCC.
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Performance That Your Clients Will Love

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    Permanent Performance

    The Wing Yue antibacterial fabric is functioned by XT2 silver instead of chemical finishing which can benefit from washing durability and permanent performance.

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    Complete Antibacterial Performance

    By destroying the cell wall of the bacteria, our antibacterial fabrics can terminate the metabolic process and prevent the microorganism from growing and reproduction.

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    Broad Effect

    By using the anti-bacterial yarn , it can resist and prevent over 600 kinds of microbes.

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    Fresh Feeling

    Our antibacterial fabrics can prevent odors created by bacteria, fungi and dust mites in intimate wear like underwear & yoga clothing so as to give users fresh feeling.

Why Choose Wing Yue Antibacterial Fabric

Under the specified conditions, fiber will be the food source of the mold and mildew. However, functioned by XT2 antibacterial yarn, our fabric can inhibit mold and mildew completely and keep textiles clean and safe.

To ensure the antibacterial performance of our fabrics, we conduct AATCC/GB  standard test under Aspergillus niger as specified by the method. Compared with the untreated fabric which is covered by heavy amounts of the black mold after seven days of incubation, our anti-microbial fabric is free of fungal growth and maintains good tensile strength.

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With Custom Fabrics

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    Quality Assurance

    Strict quality management allows us to deliver premium underwear fabrics with consistent quality.

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    Stable Supply

    Combing knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing at our own factories enables us to maintain stable supply.

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    Short Lead Time

    All functional fabrics are available in around 4-6 weeks thanks to our efficient manufacturing.

Various Applications

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