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Various Choices To Achieve Your Needs

Attractive printing patterns will create an unforgettable impression on your targeted customers, and Wing Yue can bring your creative designs into reality with flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, and digital printing.

Send us your pattern drawing or get a free design from our professional designer.

Rotary Screen Printing

Our rotary screen printing is continuous processing, high production efficiency, and can make an extremely reproduction of your desired patterns on various kinds of fabrics.


  • • No joint line
  • • High printing speed (up to 90 m / min)
  • • High printing uniformity
  • • Fewer defective product
  • • Simple operation, and low maintenance costs
  • • Perfect for single pattern of large bulk
Our rotary screen printing process and products
Our flat screen printing process and products

Flat Screen Printing

With easy plate making , large size of the flower back, variety of the color-process, our flat screen printing can deliver fine patterns without color transfer. It is perfectly suitable for printing small batches of many varieties of high-grade fabrics.


  • • Large print repeat size
  • • Superior printing color and pattern
  • • Lower printing cost
  • • Wide adaptability and flexible application
  • • Suitable for small batch of multi-variety production

Digital Printing

Compared with traditional printing, our digital printing can significantly improve the productivity, applicability, and quality to achieve limitless printing in an eco-friendly and cost-saving manner.


  • • No limit on sizes, types and colors of patterns
  • • Superior consistency between sample and product
  • • No pollution & low energy consumption
  • • Wide adaptability and flexible application
  • • Suitable for all orders without restrictions on MCQ
  • • Wide color gamut, high precision, and delicate images
Our digital printing process and products

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