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A 4-Step Simple Run Process

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    Receive Your Design Proposal

    With your specific requirements on texture, color and function of fabric, our experts will provide professional solutions to meet your needs.

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    Send Your Free Sample

    According to your requirements , Wing Yue will create designed samples and free 3 testing yardages for your selection.

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    In-House Mass Production

    Once the sample is approved, we will produce your order at our factory which integrates knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing.

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    Quick Delivery

    We will get your order ready for shipment on time with detailed package and test report.

The standard process of our fabric production
The state of the art knitting machine we use

High Productive Knitting Process

With 150 sets of circular knitting machines of needle sizes from 15G to 54G, we can produce a wide range of fabrics from different yarns, such as jacquard, jersey, terry, rib, and more.

Combined with the high-performance machines ordered from Fukuhara of Japan & Meyer·Cie of Germany, our skilled, experienced workers can significantly improve the quality and productivity of the knitting process.

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Printing Various Patterns On Your Fabrics

Attractive printing patterns will create an unforgettable impression on your targeted customers, and Wing Yue can bring your creative designs into reality with flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, and digital printing.

Send us your pattern drawing or get a free design from our professional designer.

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A designer is studying the pattern drawing of our clients
The dyed fabrics are pouring of a dye tank

Reliable Dyeing & Finishing Treatment

Through the physical or physical-chemical combination of dyes and textile materials, we will make the greige fabric obtain bright, uniform, and firm colors.

When the greige fabric is immersed in a dye aqueous solution at a certain temperature, it will interact with dyes until the dyeing has reached an equilibrium state.

After that, the greige fabric is completely dyed, and under no circumstance, the dye still stays in the fiber, maintaining a superior fastness.

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