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FIR Beauty Fabric - WK0802

Advantages of FIR Beauty Fabric

The Wing Yue FIR beauty fabric is a kind of high-tech fabric that  combines far-infrared, moisture-permeable and vapor-permeable functions, which will help keep our skin in good conditions.

Functions By Material: FIR yarn

  • Combined with biologically active minerals.
  • Reduce the formation of cellulite.
  • Improve skin blood microcirculation by 90%.
  • Enhance synthetic collagen performance..
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Performance That Your Clients Will Love

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    Beauty Care

    By radiating the same wavelength to the human body ,the biological stimulus is transmitted to the skin, this promotes the synthesis of collagen and improves skin elasticity.

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    Warm Keeping

    Through the reflection of light, the far-infrared health care fabric can significantly reduce energy loss to achieve thermal effect and reduce the cellulite formation.

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    Health Care

    Through the resonance effect, the friction between fabric and skin generates heat and activates cells to improve skin blood microcirculation by 90%.

  • FIR Beauty Fabric function

    Permanent Function

    Functional yarn combined with bioactive minerals to provide a permanent skin care function which does not weakened by repeated washing.

Why Choose Wing Yue FIR Beauty Fabric

FIR, a proven safe method of natural health care!

The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) emitted by the bioactive minerals fused fibers help to stimulate micro-circulation and promote blood flow, it can provide valuable assistance to enhance the body’s immune system and stimulate blood circulation.

We conduct experiments with our FIR fabric which is proven to bring a positive experience to people who wear our products.

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Empower Your Brand
With Custom Fabrics

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    Quality Assurance

    Strict quality management allows us to deliver premium underwear fabrics with consistent quality.

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    Stable Supply

    Combing knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing at our own factories enables us to maintain stable supply.

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    Short Lead Time

    All functional fabrics are available in around 4-6 weeks thanks to our efficient manufacturing.

Various Applications

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  • underwear fabrics
  • nightwear fabrics

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