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Dry-comfort Fabric - WZD0165NF

Advantages of Dry-comfort Fabric

The functional cotton yarn is built inside the fiber which forms a special honeycomb bionic structure to regulate temperature by controlling heat and moisture, and to keep dry and comfortable by regulating evaporation of sweating quickly.

Functions By Material: functional cotton yarn & honeycomb bionic structure.

  • One-way wet conduction design.
  • The inner layer keeps dry & the outer evaporates sweat.
  • To gain the maximum comfort in wet & rainy region and season.
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Performance That Your Clients Will Love

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    Permanent Performance

    Achieving the dry-comfort function mainly through the special structure, we better control the budget on yarn materials, which increases our competitiveness in prices.

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    Competetive Prices

    Achieving the dry-comfort fucntion mainly through the special structure, we better control the budget on yarn materials, which gain our competitiveness in prices.

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    Broad Applications

    By pulling moisture out of clothes quickly to deliver an excellent dry and comfort touch, it helps keep warm in winter & cool in summer.

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    Fresh Feeling

    Our dry-comfort fabrics can prevent the unpleasant smell created by sweating in high temperature conditions or sports.

Why Choose Wing Yue Dry-comfort Fabric

In the winter or low temperature conditions, the clothes with too much moisture inside will affect the warm keeping performance . The Wing Yue Dry-comfort fabric can pull moisture out of clothes quickly to keep skin and clothes as dry as possible.

Its special honeycomb bionic structure built by many micro-spaces enables air to pass through easily to make textile more breathable and also provide users with an excellent dry and cool touch during outdoor or sports competition.

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Empower Your Brand
With Custom Fabrics

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    Quality Assurance

    Strict quality management allows us to deliver premium underwear fabrics with consistent quality.

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    Stable Supply

    Combing knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing at our own factories enables us to maintain stable supply.

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    Short Lead Time

    All functional fabrics are available in around 4-6 weeks thanks to our efficient manufacturing.

Various Applications

The Wing Yue dry-comfort fabric can offer added value to many different types of goods, especially for underwear and sportswear of both kids and adults.

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