Tests To Guarantee Physical Property

To produce high-performance products of dyeing fabric or printing fabric, it should start from the great physical property of the greige fabric, a semi-finished product.

At Wing Yue, we apply the highest standards of ASTM and the best imported equipment recommended to check the performance of greige fabrics in tensile property, pilling & other surface changing test, tension strength, bursting strength, and mass unit fabric area test.

A technician is checking the performance of greige fabrics in tensile property

Color Fastness Against Various Conditions

Due to the fact that the color fastness of fabric is directly related to human health and safety, Wing Yue, with business partnerships with clients worldwide, has proven the superior quality of the fabric with dozens of tests.

The color fastness tests against rubbing, home & commerical laundry, perspiration are strictly conducted in line with the standards of AATCC, ISO and GB.

A technician is conducting color fastenness tests

Stable Dimension
For Better Wearing

From the consumers' perspective, the growth or shrinkage of dimensions to make apparel no longer fit is the worst experience.

In order to better control the dimensional stability of fabric, which not to affect the appearance, fit, size, and serviceability of apparel, Wing Yue provides qualified fabric of stable dimensions which are tested against machine washing, hand washing, dry cleaning.

A technician is conducting pilling & other surface changing test

Chemical Analysis
To Guarantee Safety

For apparel or homewear, one of the most important aspects customers may concern is the safety to wearing.

At Wing Yue, we conduct careful chemical analysis of all fabrics to ensure that their PH value, formaldehyde content, lead content and other chemical material content are extremely below the standards of AATCC and ISO.

a tester is conducting careful chemical analysis

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