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Professional Teams & Lab To Ensure Color Matching Accuracy


Looking for professional dyeing service? Get the qualified lab dips from Wing Yue within 3 days, as the first step.

we will submit 3 options lab dips agains the color stnadard for customer approval within 3 days.

Be ready to receive your orders after confirming the approved lab dips which will be stored in our professional data center with related information. By doing so, we can keep consistency and repeatability of your possible following orders in future.

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Reliable Dyeing & Finishing Treatment

Through the physical or physical-chemical combination of dyes and textile materials, we will make the gray fabric obtain bright, uniform, and firm colors.

When the gray fabric is immersed in a dye aqueous solution at a certain temperature, it will interact with dyes until the dyeing has reached an equilibrium state.

After that, the gray fabric is completely dyed, and even if twisted, the dye still stays in the fiber, maintaining a superior fastness.


Dyeing Preparation

Preparation of fabrics to undergo dyeing and finishing processes is critical, which is the first step of to get perfect finished products.

By scouring, we can remove various impurities on the fabrics through the chemical and physical mechanical effects, so that the qualified semi-finished fabric is soft and has good penetration properties, which helps us to improve the absorbency of fabric and ensure the uniformity of dyeing.

Our Standard Dyeing Process

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    Thermo Fixing

    According to the process requirement, our staff will give the gray fabrics a stable property by thermo fixing to avoid changes in dyeing.

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    Remove natural impurities, slurry, oil stains on the fabric, ensure a soft feel, good water absorption, and provide qualified semi-finished products.

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    With 15 sets of dyeing machines with capacity from 25kg to 1000kg, we can achieve your color needs of all orders without restrictions on batches.

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    Squeeze Water

    After dyeing, the fabrics contain a lot of water, and should be squeezed out to save the time and energy consumptionof drying process.

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    No Contact Drying

    By spraying hot air onto the fabric, the dryer machine can achieve no contact drying, which can maintain the fluffy and rich feel of the fabric.

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    After drying, we will conduct fastness tests against different conditions, inspect the color, pattern, sizes and quality of all fabrics.

Get Final Products Via Finishing & Inspection

  • Fabric Shaping
  • Finishing
  • Inspection
  • Tests

After the fabric is shaped, the physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, for example, shrinkage, width, etc. are not easy to change, and the cloth surface is relatively flat. At the same time, in the process of setting, some functional processing will be performed, such as waterproof, softness, resin, flame retardant, antistatic, wicking, antibacterial and deodorant, etc.


The finishing treatments before & after dyeing allow us to give the fabric some functional features and improve its performance with physical and chemical methods.

For specific material like chemical fabric, it should be deoiled before dyeing, the cotton fabric will be pre-shrunk to control its shrinkage ratio, and all fabric can be waterproof by covering a chemical coating.


Our dyeing experts with over 20 years of experience will pay close attention from the color matching to final dyeing.

A sample will be picked at random to check dyeing performance by color comparison in dyeing process. And each piece of fabric will be folded in three to check the dyeing uniformity under the light.


According to our strict quality standard, professional tests will be conducted at every stage to ensure our product performance.

Before the dyed fabric is ready for shipment, we will pick a sample of 2 meters to conduct tests like fastness performance, washing test under global standards such as ISO, AATCC, and BS.


Why Wing Yue

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    Higher Accuracy In Colour Matching

    Based on our experienced dyeing experts and our professional Lab equipped with the state of the art instrument, Wing Yue can ensure precision colour matching of fabrics against customers orders.

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    High Quality Dyeing & Finishing

    We offer a full range of dyeing & finishing services for a wide range of different fabrics. With Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and RSL certified dyes, advanced machines and skilled staff, we ensure the highest quality products.

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    With high-performance dyeing & finishing machines mainly ordered from Asia Kingdom, Brazzoli and Fong's, Wing Yue finished thousands of tons of fabric every year. We can process batch sizes from 25kg to 1000kg.

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    Bespoke One-Stop Solution

    Besides dyeing our fabric to the colour of your choice, we can also apply a range of specialist finishes and print to enhance our products’ properties and performances. At Wing Yue, you can really get one-stop solution.

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