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Eco-friendly Fabric - WXC1648

Advantages of Eco-dying Fabric

By employing modified yarn and salt-free & alkali-free dyes, the Wing Yue eco-dying fabric is good to human health and environment protection.

Functions By Material: Modified yarn

  • Can be cut into any sizes.
  • Can achieve gradient color.
  • Can apply for white-color fabric.
  • Fine texture and soft touch.

Advantages of Plant-Dyed Fabric

By using plant dyes which are non-toxic and harmless to both environment and human health, the Wing Yue plant-dyed fabrics gain natural and durable colors and are resistant to insect and bacteria, which cannot find in chemical dyes. Hence, it is particularly suitable for children’s clothing, underwear, etc.

Dyed By Plants: Clove, turmeric, pomegranate, blueberry, gardenia jasminoides ellis, Rhus chinensis Mill.

  • Can be completely green and safe by extracting dyes from root, stem, leaf, flower, and fruit of plants.
  • Can provide various natural colors with great color fastness.
  • It is highly sustainable, as the residue of dyes can back to land.

Advantages of EcoVero Fabric

The sustainable woods is highly renewable plant and is generally grown with very few chemical inputs.The fabric made from natural fiber gains natural antibacterial properties, breathable  and is biodegradable.

Functioned By Material: EcoVero, Viscose

  • Harmless to human body.
  • Can dye any colors as you like, even white one.
  • Can reduce the use of natural gas and material.
  • Can save 60% water resource and reduce 50% waste water.

Advantages of Bio-based Fabric

By using the fiber obtained from the seeds of castor, Wing Yue produces its pure bio-based fabric.

In this way, we can lower the consumption of petroleum to protect environment.

  • Can be benefit from low temperature dyeing .
  • Can maintain better colorfastness to wet rubbing when comparing to ordinary nylon 66 fabric.
  • Can shorten drying time to ordinary nylon.

Advantages of Biodegradable Fabric

Compared with the 20 year-degradation of other synthetic fibers, Wing Yue biodegradable nylon fabric can achieve complete degradation within 5 years by using the world’s first biodegradable nylon.

This biodegradable yarn passes ASTM D5511 standards.

Functioned By Material: Biodegradable nylon

  • Soft & Fresh
  • Breathable
  • Easy Care
  • Quick Dry

Fabric Made From Recycled Material

To better protect our planet, Wing Yue produces eco-friendly fabrics by using recycled PET obtained from plastic water bottle and with recycled nylon obtained from used clothes, nets, and more recyclable materials.

Functioned By Material: Recycled nylon, recycled PET, recycled spandex.

  • Can reduce wastage and pollution.
  • Can lower emission of greenhouse gases greatly.
  • Can save the nonrenewable resources of petroleum.
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