A worker is testing yarn twist, linear density & strength with professional machines

Raw Material Inspection

We will conduct various tests to ensure the quality of yarn materials according to specific standards.

For all yarns, we will test yarn twist, linear density, and strength with professional machines, and weed out yarns of stain, uneven line, impurities for all of our yarn via careful inspection.

For dyed-yarns, we will add one more color fastness test to guarantee its performance in subsequent productions.

Re-roll and Re-wax
The Yarns

Before knitting process, it is necessary to eliminate any defects on the yarn, to give the yarn a certain uniform tension, and meanwhile to improve the weaving performance of the yarn with necessary auxiliary processing on the yarn, such as waxing, oiling, etc.

In this way, Wing Yue spin and waxs the yarns again by the winder to maintain them smooth and soft to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Moreover, it works as part of our raw material inspection as well.

We re roll and re wax the yarns material with professional production lines
Our high productive knitting lines

High Productive
Knitting Process

With over 150 sets of circular knitting machines of needle sizes from 15G to 54G, we can produce a wide range of fabrics from different yarns, such as jacquard, jersey, terry, rib, and more.

Combined with the high-performance machines ordered from Fukuhara (Japan) & Meyer•Cie (Germany), our skilled & experienced technicians can significantly improve the quality and productivity.

Inspection Of Greige Fabrics

At Wing Yue, we conduct 100% greige fabric inspection, which it is directly related to the quality and output of the finished product.

In this stage, we will check the greige with quantity, weight, width, density, based on the customer’s request.

Before moving farther to the next stage of production, our workers will inspect the greige fabric with the automatic fabric inspection machines to cull fabric with spots, missing needles, holes, oil stains, etc.

A worker is operating the fabric inspection machine
Our warehouse of quality semi finished fabrics

Well Arranged
Greige Fabric

After inspection, the qualified greige fabric will be temporarily stored in warehouse.

For each kind of fabrics, we will protect and store it with different way such as packing into a roll or a pile.

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